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News Highlights of 1960

Shot list:

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS OF 1960! EMERGING AFRICA: Frenchmen battles Frenchman in ALGERIA. Passbook riots and the attempted assassination of Premier Verwoerd in SOUTH AFRICA. Chaos follows the coming of independence to the CONGO. U.N. troops intervene. Maneuvering for power climaxes with the seizure of Premier Lumumba by strongman Mobutu. RIOTS IN JAPAN. Leftist opposition to the Japanese-U.S. defense pact produces rioting for days on end, with fighting inside Parliament itself. Ike’s visit must be cancelled but the pact is signed. Socialist leader Asanuma is assassinated at a public meeting. THE COLD WAR. Secret reconnaissance of the Soviet by American U2 jets is revealed when one is downed and its pilot, Francis Gary Powers, is tried in Moscow. Khrushchev uses the incident as a pretext to torpedo the Summit meeting in Paris. HISTORIC U.N. SESSION. In New York, the greatest gathering of world leaders in modern times is present at the historic session of the United Nations. Dag Hammarskjold defies Khrushchev’s threats. Mr. K. shocks and startles delegates with his boisterous desk pounding. World leaders confer at a dizzying pace. CASTRO & CUBA. Fidel CASTRO takes CUBA further down the path of Communism, and goes completely anti-American, seizing nearly all U.S. owned property in Cuba. SCIENCE AND DEFENSE. Major strides in space exploration include the launching of the Trios weatherman satellites, new communication systems, and the recovery of Discoverer space capsules from orbit. Undersea exploration takes a bathyscaphe to the deepest chasm known to man, the Marianas Trench. A milestone in national defense comes when the nuclear sub and guided missile weapons system becomes operational, and the U.S.S. George Washington goes on patrol armed with Polaris rockets and H-bomb warheads. LIGHTER SIDE OF THE NEWS: Royal Weddings and V.I.P. babies. Britain’s Princess Margaret weds commoner Antony Armstrong-Jones. King Baudouin of Belgium weds Spain’s Donna Fabiola. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip introduce little Prince Andrew. Japan’s Prince Akihito celebrates the arrival of Prince Naruhito. The Shah of Iran rejoices at the birth of his first male heir. And President-elect and Mrs. Kennedy welcome John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. DISASTERS: Earthquakes wreck a Moroccan resort town, devastate the nation of Chile and send destructive tidal waves racing across the Pacific. Hurricane Donna rips the Caribbean and the Atlantic Coast. Two airliners collide in mid-air and fall on New York City in the worst air disaster in history. New York’s largest disaster force is called out to fight the holocaust on the super-carrier Constellation. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. After a grueling campaign, Senator Kennedy wins the Presidency by one of the narrowest margins in history over his opponent Vice-President Nixon. The youngest President-elect ever will soon assume office from the oldest man ever to occupy the post. . .