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Video: Universal Newsreel: World Affairs

Selections from the Universal Newsreel collection related to world affairs during Kennedy’s presidency.

Strikes and Demonstrations in Belgium over Troubles in the Congo

Universal News report from December 29, 1960, on riots and demonstrations in Belgium over austerity measures forced by Belgium’s losses in the Congo.


Cold War in Laos

Universal News report from December 29, 1960, on the Cold War in Laos, with footage of the damage the war had done to the capital, Vientiane.


News Highlights of 1960

Universal Newsreel collection of news highlights of 1960 from home and abroad as John F. Kennedy prepared to assume the presidency.


The United States Breaks Relations with Castro’s Cuba

Universal News report from January 5, 1961, on the United States cutting of relations with Fidel Castro’s Cuba.


Crisis in Laos

January 5, 1961 » Universal News report on the fighting in Laos between Communist and pro-Western forces.


African Summit Meeting

January 9, 1961 » Universal News report of a summit meeting of five key African leaders, including Nasser and Nkrumah, in Morocco.


French Referendum on Algerian Crisis

January 9, 1961 » Universal News report on the French referendum on the Algerian crisis.

Algeria at the United Nations

Algeria Admitted to the United Nations

An October 8, 1962, Universal News report on Algeria’s admission to the United Nations. The report features Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations U Thant.

Cuban Missile Crisis News Report October 25, 1962

News Report on the Cuban Missile Crisis

An October 25, 1962, Universal News report on developments during the early stages of the public phase of the Cuban Missile Crisis and implementation of the U.S. naval quarantine of Cuba.

Cuban Missile Crisis Ships

Cuban Missile Crisis in 5 Minutes

This is a 5-minute compilation of Universal Newsreel footage from the Cuban Missile Crisis. It can serve as a quick introduction to how the Cuban Missile Crisis played in the American news.

Vasily Kuznetsov arriving at the United Nations

News Report on the Easing of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Video from Universal Newsreel report on the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis as the Soviets send Vasily Kuznetsov to lead their negotiating team.

Cuban Refugees News Report

News Report on Life in Castro’s Cuba

A January 28, 1963, news report on life in Castro’s Cuba and the life Cuban refugees were fleeing.