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Spare a Dollar to Help Win the Cold War?

I came across this Life Magazine ad several years ago and love the way it turns the crises of late-1962 into a case that you can help win the Cold War by being informed on Communism. And the way to do that, as it happens, is to buy a Life special feature titled, appropriately enough, Communism. Produced as a public service, of course.

“This easily may be the most important dollar you’ll ever invest.”

The Berlin Crises and Cuban Missile Crisis are obvious enough to modern readers, but the Sino-Indian War of 1962 isn’t as well remembered. The pretext was a disputed border between China and India in the Himalayas and it coincided precisely with the Cuban Missile Crisis and extended for a while after. There was very real fighting, but it was ultimately defused before escalating too far.

Hitting high points that would make Madison Avenue proud, this ad copy promises rather a lot. And remember, this easily may be the most important dollar you’ll ever invest.



It reads:

Where will the next Communist challenge come? When it comes, what can we do about it?

As a service to all Americans, LIFE has published an 80-page illustrated booklet that describes communism, tells why it has spread so fast, and explains what we can do to meet the challenge. COMMUNISM contains a text and picture history of the Russian revolution . . . 13 full-color pages that show the up-to-date Soviet Union and Red China . . . fold-out map of the global pattern of the Red offensive. Some of this material has appeared in LIFE; some appears exclusively in this booklet.

You can get this highly informative 8 1/2″ x 11″ publication for only $1.

It will help you understand what communism really is. It will help you see more clearly the issues of the great conflict of our time.

It will help you decide what to think and what to do about communism . . . about your country’s future . . . your own future.

This easily may be the most important dollar you’ll ever invest. To get your copy of COMMUNISM, send cash, check of money order with the coupon.

Know what you can do about communism–send the coupon today!