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Photo Galleries

Oval Office Meeting

October 1962

October 1962 » Including photographs from the Cuban Missile Crisis and its aftermath.

Thumbnail - JFK and McNamara October 1962

Cuban Missile Crisis & Its Aftermath

October 1962 – February 1963 » Cuban Missile Crisis and its aftermath.


November 1962

Photos from JFK’s White House taken during November 1962 in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis, including the ExComm and surveillance photos.


German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s Visit to Washington

November 14/15, 1962 » Photos by Abbie Rowe of Adenauer’s visit to JFK’s White House in November 1962.

JFK Press Conference (Thumbnail)

Kennedy and the Press

Photos from some of JFK’s 64 presidential press conferences.


JFK Meets the King of Laos

February 25, 1963 » The King of Laos, His Majest Sri Savang Vatthana, visits the White House.


The Peace Speech / American University Commencement Address

June 10, 1963 » JFK’s commencement address at American University, often known as the “Peace Speech.”


JFK’s June 11, 1963, Speech on Civil Rights

June 11, 1963 » President Kennedy’s Report to the American People on Civil Rights responding to the situation at the University of Alabama.


JFK Visits West Berlin

June 26, 1963 » JFK’s visit to West Berlin, including the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate.


JFK’s October 1963 Meeting with Andrei Gromyko

October 10, 1963 » JFK’s second Oval office meeting with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.


JFK’s Dictaphone Recorder

Photos of the actual Dictaphone recorder JFK used in the White House to record telephone calls and dictation.