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News Report on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Original Release Sheet:

The United States answer to what Adlai Stevenson calls in the United Nations: “Soviet Blackmail” is a quarantine of all offensive weapons being shipped from Russia to the island fortress. The U.S. throws up a steel fence, prepared to stop any vessel carrying materials of war. In Cuba itself 100,000 men are on emergency orders as they have been during past invasion scares. The waterfront in Havana and along other parts of the coast bristle with gun emplacements as the Cuban regime waits to see what their Kremlin bosses were to do. The United States arrived at the decision after studying reconnaissance photographs made with high-powered cameras. Here are three examples. In the greatest display of hemisphere solidarity since World War II the [Organization of American States] OAS unanimously endorses the actions of the United States. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to reinforce its Cuban base at Guantanamo Bay. The United States goes to the United Nations Security Council for a resolution calling for a withdrawal of all offensive weapons from Cuba after President Kennedy refuses to withdraw our arms blockade before the bases are demolished.

More Cuban Missile Crisis Videos

The United States Breaks Relations with Castro’s Cuba

Universal News report from January 5, 1961, on the United States cutting of relations with Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

Kennedy's Cuba Speech

News Report on President Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis Speech

October 22, 1962 » Universal News report on President Kennedy’s televised speech in which he revealed the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba and announced that he was ordering a naval quarantine of Cuba.


Homestead Air Force Base During the Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1962 » Originally classified footage of Homestead Air Force Base operations during the Cuban Missile Crisis, including readying planes and weapons and visits by Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Curtis LeMay.

Cuban Missile Crisis Ships

Cuban Missile Crisis in 5 Minutes

This is a 5-minute compilation of Universal Newsreel footage from the Cuban Missile Crisis. It can serve as a quick introduction to how the Cuban Missile Crisis played in the American news.

Vasily Kuznetsov arriving at the United Nations

News Report on the Easing of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Video from Universal Newsreel report on the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis as the Soviets send Vasily Kuznetsov to lead their negotiating team.


McNamara Press Conference on the Cuban Missile Crisis

November 1962 » Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara briefing the press at the Pentagon on the recent Cuban crisis. Color | Silent.


JFK Arrives at Homestead Air Force Base

November 26, 1962 » Footage of JFK arriving in Air Force One at Homestead Air Force Base, Florida, in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Color | No Sound.

Cuban Refugees News Report

News Report on Life in Castro’s Cuba

A January 28, 1963, news report on life in Castro’s Cuba and the life Cuban refugees were fleeing.

Robert McNamara, February 6, 1963

Special Cuba Briefing by the Department of Defense

Robert McNamara and DIA official Thomas Hughes give a televised intelligence briefing on the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Senator Kenneth Keating

News Report on Cuba Military Buildup and Aftermath

February 7, 1963 » Universal News report on Robert McNamara’s Special Cuba Briefing, along with Senator Kenneth Keating and JFK’s press conference on Cuba.


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