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MINUTEMAN–From Design to Delivery

This 1963 video, commissioned by the U.S. Air Force and produced by Boeing, promotes the development of the MINUTEMAN intercontinental ballistic missile. It includes footage from inside the control bunkers as well as test missiles in flight.
Dept of Air Force / Boeing
National Archives

Original Shot List

Summary: Boeing film describing the assembly of the weapon system from design assembly, check-out and testing; site locations and construction; preparation of equipment and personnel; and acceptance speech by Brig Gen Samuel C. Phillips, Dir of Minuteman Program at Ogden Plant 77. Shows Minuteman in SSCBM moving out of MATS C-133B, transported to missile transfer building, transported by transporter-erector to missile site, emplacement in silo, launch and tracking of missile. Good (Basic: Mas koda (A&B” rolls)