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JFK Visits Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Original shot list:

Coverage of Pres John F. Kennedy, joined by high ranking military officials, key government leaders, members of Congress and Military Attaches of many foreign governments, witnessing a demonstration of readiness for combat by US Army, supported by Tactical Air Command. Shows F-105B and F-100D fighter strikes and C-130A paratrooper and heavy equipment drops. Reel 1: LS pan right with four F-105B’s in flight and dropping salvo of 16 napalm bombs on simulated enemy positions — pan down to smoke and holocaust of fire. 37′ LS pan right with four F-100D’s dropping salvo of napalm bombs — pan down to bursts of smoke and fire — swish pan left to four F-100D’s releasing salvo of napalm on the blazing inferno. 129′ ELS possible F-105B on left wing in vertical flight away from camera. 149′ LS to MLS of six C-
130A’s dropping paratroops — camera follows descent to landing showing parachutes collapsing. 478′ ALS to AMLS of three C-130A’s supplemented with two 450-gallon tanks dropping heavy equipment including M56 Scorpion (Self-propelled howitzer). 703′ LS’s of Secy of Def Robert S. McNamara; Lt Gen Thomas J. H. Trapnell, Comdr 3rd Army; Gen Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Pres Kennedy; Adm George W. Anderson, Chief of Naval Operations; Gen Paul DeWitt Adams (USA), Comdr USSTRICOM; Gen Curtis E. LeMay, CoS USAF; and Secy of Navy John B. Connally at observation post after demonstration — pan right to USA military police car and staff cars with White House Press Secy Pierre Salinger — two USA UH-19C’s in bg. 773′ MLS of Pres Kennedy talking with 101st Airborne bfficer — Maj Gen Chester V. Clifton, Pres Aide and crowd in bg. 773′ MLS of Gen Walter C. Sweeney, Jr., Comdr TAC, and Pres Kennedy getting into waiting car — shows travel shot of car pulling away and en route over unimproved road and by Sicily drop zone. 979′ Total footage in reel. Reel 2: ELS of four F-105B’s in flight to right and dropping salvo of napalm bombs — shows smoke and fire. 33′ ELS’s of four F-100D’s dropping salvo of napalms on blazing inferno. 120′ LS to MLS of six C- 130A’s in sets of three dropping paratroopers — shows paratroopers floating down and landing. 295′ LS of two C-130A’s supplemented with two 450-gallon tanks in flight to right — camera follows one showing pallet of heavy equipment being extracted from aircraft and paradrop of heavy equipment floating down and landing. 484′ LS of Pres Kennedy and party mounting Observation Post review stand. 502 ELS’s of four F-105B’s firing rockets, dropping salvo of napalms; F-100D’s dropping salvo of napalm bombs — pan left as four F-100D’s streak in over target area and drop salvo of napalms on blazing inferno. 627′ ELS possible F-105B in vertical flight. 640′ LS to MS to LS pan right with three C-130A’s dropping paratroopers — shows descent. 753′ LS of six C-130A’s supplemented with two 450-gallon tanks in sets of three, dropping heavy equipment and landing. 915′ LS and travel shot (frames half blacked out) as Pres Kennedy’s motorcade prepares to leave Observation Post and en route over unimproved road near drop zone. 985′ Total footage in reel. Reel 3: MS of Pres Kennedy accompanied by his military aide Maj Gen Clifton (USA) and Mrs Salinger standing in group. 10′ MCU’s FV of Pres Kennedy in review stand as other military and civilian personnel take seats in bg. 49′ MLS of Secy of Defense McNamara; Gen George H. Decker, Army CoS; Pres Kennedy; and Secy of the Army Elvis J. Stahr, Jr., seated in review stand. 61′ MS of Maj. Gen. W. G. Rich (USA), Comdr 101st Airborne Div and AF brigadier general acting as narrators — pan left to VIP’s in Chief Executive grandstand. 79′ LS six C-130A’s in sets of three, dropping paratroopers and descending amid a back-drop of smoke — tracking camera on mount in fg. 186′ LS of heavy equipment paradrop floating down. 204′ Scenes of Pres Kennedy congratulating officer of 101st Airborne Div and going to waiting car — VIP’s include Asst Secy of Def Roswell L. Gilpatric; Secy of Def McNamara; Gen Decker (USA), Secy of Army Stahr, Lt Gen Trapnell (USA), Gen Sweeney — shows motorcade pulling away from Observation Post. 240′ N.G. 256′ MS left FV & MS SV of F-105B as armament crew finishes work on cluster bomb rack. 311′ MS’s & MCU’s of crew working on 2.75 FFAR pods on F-105B. 373′ ALS’s of four F-105B’s in flight to right and banking away from camera. 429′ AMS & ALS of F-105B in flight to right lowering landing gear and landing. 452′ AMS INT of C-130A as paratroopers “hit the silk” (dark scene) — intercut with ALS of drop zone. 569′ LS of USA Military Police and Pres Kennedy’s motorcade arriving at review stand — USA US-19C in bg and VIP’s going to stand. 716′ ELS of four F-105B’s in flight to right after napalm drop — shows smoke and fire. 728′ ELS of four F-100D’s streaking into target area and dropping salvo of napalm bombs. 752′ ELS of four F-100D’s dropping salvo of napalm bombs on the blazing inferno. 764′ MS’s & MCU of Pres Kennedy getting out of convertible and being greeted by a brigadier general, talking with Maj Gen Rich (USA) and Mr. Salinger; in review stand at side of Gen Decker (USA), talking with Secy of Army Stahr and Lt Gen Trapnell (USA) as other VIP’s take places in review stand. 828′ MS of Gen LeMay and Lt Gen John C. Munn, Asst Commandant USMC, seated in review stand. 835′ LS & MLS of VIP’s in review stand including Asst Secy of Def Gilpatric; Secy of Def McNamara; Gen Decker
(USA); Pres Kennedy; Secy of the Army Stahr; Lt Gen Trapnell (USA); Gen Lemnitzer (USA); and Secy of AF Eugene M. Zuckert — intercut with military attaches of foreign governments, USAF and USA officers and narrators Maj Gen Rich (USA) and AF brigadier general during assault phase of the 101st Airborne Div by C-103A’s. 947′ MS’s of Pres Kennedy talking to two 101st paratroopers, leaving review stand and getting in car with Gen Sweeney. 960′ Total footage in reel. Reel 4: MS & ECU of Pres Kennedy and Maj Gen Clifton (USA) — shows president shaking hands with USA officer and walking toward review stand. 21′ Scenes of paratroopers landing and unfastening harness. 127′ LS of paratroopers marching behind row of C-103A’s and boarding aircraft. 182′ MCU staged ground shot of two paratroopers jumping from C-130A. 191′ AMS of paratroopers of 101st Airborne Div prior to jump — shows some smoking and relaxing during flight. 247′ AMLS RV of three C-130A’s in flight ahead of camera aircraft. 283′ AMS’s INT paratrooper at doorway of C-130A prior to jump. 310′ Scenes of three C-130A’s dropping paratroopers — shows paratroopers descending, unfastening parachute harness, gathering it up and packing it in bag, then starting for regrouping area. 475′ Scenes of Pres Kennedy, Lt Gen Trapnell (USA) Comdr 3rd Army, and Maj Gen Clifton (USA) arriving for demonstration — others walking into scene with the President include Mr. Salinger, Secy McNamara and Asst Secy Gilpatric. 546′ MS’s of Gen Decker (USA), Pres Kennedy, Secy Stahr, Lt Gen Trapnell (USA) and Gen Lemnitzer (USA) seated in review stand looking skyward — intercut with brigadier general narrator at podium. 657′ AMS INT of paratroopers hitting the silk and jump lights changin from red to green. 712′ MLS’s of signs: USA FT BRAGG MILITARY
RESERV A TION and STRAC HEADQUARTERS. 779′ LS of C-130A dropping paratroopers — shows them floating down and landing (over-exposed).