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JFK Visits Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Shot list:

Paratroopers getting chutes from truck. The men check the chutes and put them on. Officer arrives in jeep and briefs the troopers. Paratroopers walk twd a C-123 and load into the aircraft. CU, pilot in cockpit of the C-123 gives signal for plane to start engines. LS, C-123 warming up and taxiing off.

MS, CU, LARC-5 with troops moves past. US, LARC-15 with an M-56 SP 90mm gun on board drives by. Float displays on trucks passing by. Special Forces soldiers assemble in front of truck and then they run off. LSs,men atop Ranger tower; one comes down followed by two men bringing down a litter. C-123 moving along runway after landing. LSs, C-123 landing. LS, paratrooper being dragged by his chute. VS, paratroopers landing on sandy field. An AF Sgt. and another soldier at a truck on field. The AF Sgt. throws a flare to the ground which ignites and smokes, the other man is holding a wind direction device. Trucks with equipment ready for airdrop drive onto airfield. Crane lifts 105mm How and a jeep on pallets from truck.

Foreign Officer Candidate float. Special Forces soldiers march by stand. CUs, faces of two SF men. CU, loudspeakers on ground. CUs, Special Forces insigne. LS, hand-to-hand combat demonstration. LS, man dropping from suspension cable into water. Pres. Kennedy walking to grandstand. Motorcade with the President driving past. LS, two CH-34 copters flying over field and firing rockets. An M-60 tank on field for demonstration. LS, M-60 firing on range. LS, Hawk missiles on trailer. Honest John missile drives past. CH-34 bringing a Little John missile. Vehicles carrying different sections of the Pershing missile. Pershing missile on XM-474 (TEL) drives by. Pres. Kennedy talking with high-ranking officers. The President gets into car and drives off. VS, President and dignitaries in stand during demonstration. VS, Pres. Kennedy and Sec. of the Army Elvis J. Stahr talking in stand.

Float displays on trucks. CUs, Special Forces officers at microphones on firing range tower. Int, plane, Paratroopers en route. Men going out of door for drop. LSs, paratroopers jumpimg from C-130s and landing in field. Small arms firing demonstration. LS, 106mm RR on jeep firing. LS, SS-10 missiles on vehicle. LS, SS-10 firing. LS, UH-1A helicopter flying over field and firing.

C-123 taxis to a stop. Paratroopers load into C-23. Int, paratroopers seated in plane. Presidential plane taxis in. The President coming off the plane and being greeted; also coming from the plane are Sec. of the Army Elvis J. Stahr and Sec. of Defense Robert S. McNamara. Pres. Kennedy and party drive off in cars. LS, C-123s lined up on airfield. LS, jet fighter on field. MS, C-130 standing on airfield. LS, President talking to soldiers. CU, Pres. Kennedy in car. CU, seat in stand marked: “The President”. President and dignataries in stand. Pres. Kennedy entering building. CU, telephones on table. LS, man wearing rocket belt flying over water and landing on beach. LS, hand-to-hand combat demonstration. LSs, men come down rope slide into water.

President walks to car. Car drives off. The President entering grandstand. ELS, APC firing a flamethrower. MSs, CUs, Pres Kennedy talking to paratroopers and shaking hands with some of the men. VS, spectators in stand. VS, Presidential stand. LS, two paratroopers falling into water. LS, explosion from shore. LS, sky filled with chutes. VS, official party in stand with Gen. George H. Decker talking to the President. MS, President talking to paratroopers of the 101st Abn. Div. CUs, MPs. President leaves stand, shakes hands with soldier, gets into car, drives off. The President on reviewing stand with members of the Cabinet and officers. LS, man with rocket belt flies from LARC-15 in water to beach. LS, Rangers rappelllng down tower with casualty on litter. MS, President talks with Special Forces soldier. President’s car drives past. Foreign officers in stand. MLS, Pres. Kennedy speaking. LA, President standing at rail of reviewing stand with others.