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Paper Trails

Below are some collections of a small portion of the historical documents, many declassified, used in the research for this book. The emphasis in presenting these is on highlighting notable or unusual documents that might not be readily available elsewhere.

Central Intelligence Agency Stamp

CIA Reports on Cuba

This is a collection of special CIA reports on Cuba, beginning in the summer of 1962, carrying through the Cuban Missile Crisis, and then through 1963.

Khrushchev's Miscalculated Risk Thumbnail

Cuban Missile Crisis Post-Mortems

In the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis there was a flurry of reviews of the lead-up and handling of the episode conducted by Congress and intelligence and military departments and agencies.

Robert Kennedy Desk Diary Thumbnail

Diaries, Appointment Books, and Logs

A collection of White House logs, presidential and vice presidential appointment logs, diaries, and other related items.

Robert McNamara, February 6, 1963

Special Cuba Briefing by the Department of Defense

At 5PM on February 6, 1962, Defense Secretary Robert McNamara led a 2-hour public briefing that laid out in unprecedented detail the intelligence information gathered over previous months that underpinned the administration’s judgment that the Soviets had removed their offensive weapons from Cuba.

USIA badge thumbnaild

USIA Chronologies on Cuba

These two chronologies prepared by the United States Information Agency focus on key developments in United States-Cuban relations from 1957 to 1963.

A list of National Security Council (NSC) meetings during the Bush administration.

National Security Council Meetings

A list of all NSC meetings from the Truman through Bush administrations.

US Govt Manual Cover

United States Government Organization Manuals

Some of the United States Government Organization Manuals from the 1960s, providing reference information on U.S. government agencies and departments, including the names and positions of government officials.