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Diaries, Appointment Books, and Logs

President's Daily Diary

President’s Daily Diary

JFK’s daily activities were recorded in detail in the president’s daily diary.

JFK Telephone Logs

JFK’s Telephone Call Log

The White House switchboard kept a detailed log of President Kennedy’s incoming and outgoing phone calls. Here are some of the original, handwritten logs.

Robert Kennedy Desk Diary Thumbnail

Robert F. Kennedy’s Desk Diary

Want to see when RFK met secretary of Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin during and after the Cuban Missile Crisis? Here are scans of RFK’s appointments diary for October through December 1962.

LBJ appointment diary

LBJ’s Vice Presidential Appointment Diaries

LBJ’s secretaries kept careful records of the vice president’s day, including who he met with, who he spoke with on the phone, and sometimes even what he had for lunch.