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CIA, Cuban Highlights – 09/17/1962

In this report for the Special Group, the CIA reported that communications intercepts had revealed two more Soviet passenger vessels enroute to Cuba. That caused an increase in the estimate of Soviet technicians in Cuba to 4,200. Other items related to British Guiana reaching an arrangement with Cuba on sugar works, signals intelligence indications of continuing insurgent activity in the mountains of south central Cuba, and rumors that the Cubans were planning a diplomatic offensive at the United Nations. The report also noted Hanson Baldwin’s article in the New York Times in which he argued that Cuba was just one facet (along with Berlin, South Vietnam, and other hotspots) of a Soviet campaign to keep the United States off balance. The Miami Herald editorial board had also backed away from their previous calls for military intervention in Cuba.


Source Archive: National Security Files, box 46, John F. Kennedy Library.