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CIA, Cuba 1962: Khrushchev’s Miscalculated Risk – 02/13/1964

JFK called it “one hell of a gamble.” With a little less flourish, the analysts of the CIA called it a “miscalculated risk.”

In this 156-page Top Secret report, prepared in February 1964, the staff of the Office of Research and Reports in the CIA’s Office of the Deputy Director (Intelligence) (DD/I) reviewed the evidence concerning the nature, scope, and timing of the Soviet military buildup in Cuba in 1962 and discussed the implications of that evidence.{{1}}

Source Archive: National Security File, box 35, Lyndon B. Johnson Library.

[[1]]The scanned document attached has fewer than 156 pages because nearly 30 pages from the original document remain classified in their entirety and were redacted in the version released by the LBJ Library.[[1]]